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Jul 23, 2022

Solar Dryer Hand Over

Solar Dryer Handover

Varsha Lekhi, the winner of Miss Nepal International 2016, as part of her social contribution, supported Gurwa and Baidawas of Bardia district by 5 solar dryer in coordination and cooperation of UNYC Nepal. The solar dryer is very useful for drying herbs.

Among those who received herbs, Bansgadhi municipality ward no. 4, Bathuwatal, Baidawa Razman Tharu of Bardia, Thakurbaba Municipality Ward no. 9, Ramakrishna Tharu of Thakurdhara, Bardia, Barbardia Municipality Ward no. 9, Katarnia, Phulmaya Tharu of Bardia, Rajapur Municipality Ward no. 1 Jhabhi, Pandit Tharu of Bardia and Madhuvan Municipality Ward no. Jeet Bahadur Tharu of 1, Dalla, Bardia. Baidawa Razman Tharu says that using a solar dryer is very easy to dry herbs.


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