Bahraiya Wetland Conservation and Sustainable Development Project (BWCSDP)

On the financial support of Global Environment Facility/ Small Grants Programme (GEF/SGP), UNYC NEPAL has been conducting sustainable development & management of the Bahraiya wetland conservation linkage it with the income generation of Tharu communities. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed in between UNYC NEPAL and UNDP/GEF/SGP on May, 2007. It will complete after 2 years by February 28, 2009.

This program is targeted of the biodiversity conservation and fresh water ecosystem of Bahraiya Lake. The main aim of this program is to protect and promote Bahraiya wetland and to enhance economic status of wetland community of Tharus. Our main target groups are indigenous Tharus, Dalit and women.

Under this program, we have enrolled 10 groups of wetland conservation and one main wetland conservation committee. In every groups committee, there are 30 members with Male and female equally include. They are participating in the Bahraiya wetland conservation activities. During the project period, it will be conducted different types of training, seminars and interaction program. It will help increasing public awareness of the Bahraiya Lake as protected, promoted & developed wetland and also improve economic status of wetland community.

The main objective of this program is to protect and promote Bahraiya Wetland located in Sorahawa Village Development Committee through direct participation of indigenous Tharu and other people living around it. Other specific objectives are given bellows

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  • Radio Program

    UNYC on Radio Program Sram ra Srijana New Episode (2072/2073)

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  • Tharu Indigenous Knowledge and its Practices

    It is also research book of Tharu history and Indigenous Knowledge and its practices of them. The research was carried out through out all tharu living districts of tharuhat area of Nepal. The research was conducted from 2006 to 2008 AD.

    Author: Gopal Dahit
    Published: 2008

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