Capacity Building Program for Freed Kamaiyas

On the financial support of DFID (Community Support Program), Nepalgunj, UNYC had conducted the Capacity Development Program to increase the alternative skill of Freed Kamaiyas. This program was conducted in 2004. The main target group of this program was red cardholder freed Kamaiyas who are ranked in the below the poverty line. Under this program, we had conducted six types of skill development training programs, name, Tractor Driving Training, Motor Driving Training, Motor-bike repairing training, Rickshaw and by-cycle Repairing Training, Carpenter Training and Local Handicraft Skill Development training.

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  • Radio Program

    UNYC on Radio Program Sram ra Srijana New Episode (2072/2073)

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  • Tharu Indigenous Knowledge and its Practices

    It is also research book of Tharu history and Indigenous Knowledge and its practices of them. The research was carried out through out all tharu living districts of tharuhat area of Nepal. The research was conducted from 2006 to 2008 AD.

    Author: Gopal Dahit
    Published: 2008

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