Fishpond Construction Program

UNYC NepaFish Pond Construction Programmel has been conducting Fishpond construction program on the financial support of INFRIN from 2006 to till now. Under this program, the main target groups are indigenous Tharus, Dalit and other poorest people having less than 10 Kattha of land. Tharus have tradition of eating fish to their daily life and during for special events. Tharu enjoys a lot for fishing. So, we have given preference to Tharus. During and after completion of fishpond, UNYC Nepal provides software package for fish farming and fishpond management. Further more, UNYC Nepal also provides hardware support to construct the fishpond.

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  • Tharu Indigenous Knowledge and its Practices

    It is also research book of Tharu history and Indigenous Knowledge and its practices of them. The research was carried out through out all tharu living districts of tharuhat area of Nepal. The research was conducted from 2006 to 2008 AD.

    Author: Gopal Dahit
    Published: 2008

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