Increasing Micro-finance services through Geographic Expansion

1. Introduction

On the financial support of USAID/Chemonics International Inc under NEAT activity program, UNYC Nepal has conducted "Increasing Micro-finance Service through Geographic Expansion" program in Bardiya and Kailali district opening two new branches. It started on11 July 2011 and will be completed by January31, 2013. Throughout the project period, it has planned to deliver micro-finance services through enrolling minimum 2500 females.

2. Objective

The main objective of this project is to increase outreach to the poor and reduce cost of operation through geographical expansion and capacity building of staffs. Other specific objectives are given bellow.

  1. To extend geographical coverage through opening new branches in Kailali and Bardiya districts and deliver quality services.
  2. To Increase the work efficiency of staffs through innovations and providing capacity building trainings, etc.
3. Working area

It will be opened two new branches in Kailali and additional two new branches in Bardiya district. Both branch will cover minimum five VDCs. So its working area is about 10 VDCs of Kailali and Bardiya district.

4. Main activities
  1. Opening 2 New Branches
  2. Interaction with stakeholders
  3. Outreach extension skill development training
  4. Upgrade 7 manuals, namely, PGT, Refresher, Internal audit, Monitoring and Supervision, Branch operation guidebook, Interaction manual, policies, etc.
  5. Branch Management training
  6. Designing New Products
  7. Publication of final summary report
5. Quantitative results
  1. 2 new branches opened in Bardiya and Kailali districts.
  2. 30 staffs and committee officials got orientation training in 1 event.
  3. Mass motivation completed for special and general target beneficiaries.
  4. PGT and GRT events carried out to enroll ultra-poor women.
  5. Centers and groups formed enrolling target beneficiaries. 2500 new clients enrolled in 4 new branches.
  6. 1 event completed and 30 participants trained on outreach extension skill development.
  7. Different 7 manual prepared and used for training conduction and daily practice of MFP.
  8. 1 event of Branch management training conducted and 20 participants trained.
  9. Minimum 3 types of new loan products designed and rolled out in micro-finance program.
  10. 500 copies of final summary report published with 70 pages in multi colour.

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