Road Access Support Program

Bhaunra Tappa, which lies in between the two big branches of Karnali River. ItMaking Culvert Under Construction is surrounded by big river so during the rainy season it becomes very difficult to be accessible. Rajapur Irrigation project had made ''T'' Shape gravel road. The local people could use it for whole year. But remaining other roads have no access for whole year because these all are clay roads and temporary culverts and bridges.

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  • Radio Program

    UNYC on Radio Program Sram ra Srijana New Episode (2072/2073)

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  • Tharu Indigenous Knowledge and its Practices

    It is also research book of Tharu history and Indigenous Knowledge and its practices of them. The research was carried out through out all tharu living districts of tharuhat area of Nepal. The research was conducted from 2006 to 2008 AD.

    Author: Gopal Dahit
    Published: 2008

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