02 Oct

Life Skill Training for the Youths

UNYC Nepal accomplished 3 days life skill training for the students of class 12 of Shree Kisan Secondary School, Rajapur, Bardiya. The training was conducted from 29 September to 1 October, 2023.

The quality of education has been decreasing day by day. There was lacking of moral and social responsibilities in the students. Students are not regular in classes. Even being regular in classes they have not acquired quality education. In the rural areas there is no learning environment in the family and community. Reading culture is fully out of mind. The youths have been in social violations. There is alcohol abuse, drug abuse and have been committing violations and suicide too.

Due to lack of quality education they could not achieve their goal. Most of them have under 2 GPA. They got early marriage and drop out from the school. Therefore, at least to create learning environment, reading culture and management of tension, UNYC Nepal organized 3 days of training for the youth students.

Shekhar Dahit facilitated the training and the participated students influenced from the training. They have set their goals for the life. Program Officer Som Prasad Chaudhary offered students to conduct the life skill camp in the upcoming fiscal year where the students will be recalled.

Executive Chairperson Prim Bahadur Tharu advised the students to apply the knowledge and skill provided by the trainer.


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