Quality Education

Workshop on Quality Education

5 March 2022

A one-day workshop on quality education is organized by UNYC Nepal and in coordination with Rajapur Municipality. The workshop was held in the presence of the head teachers of the secondary schools within the Rajapur Municipality, the chairpersons of the school management committees, the chairpersons of the teachers and parents associations, representatives of the associations and journalists.

Education is the first step of social transformation. Positive change in society always starts from education. Teachers and schools have a big role to play in shaping the future of students. Therefore, UNYC Nepal has organized this workshop for providing quality education to schools, said Prim Bahadur Tharu, President of UNYC Nepal.

Facilitating the workshop, former Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Jeet Bahadur Shah, said that the person who enjoys education is the teacher. If they cannot enjoy teaching, they can’t teach. He said that the teachers should be responsible first for improving the educational condition of the school.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Som Demandaura, Program Officer of UNYC Nepal, said that quality education should be for the development of any community and nation and for this, all of us principals, school management committee and teachers and parents’ association would play an important role. He informed that UNYC Nepal is also conducting extra-curricular activities, sports competitions and scholarship programs among the students for the educational improvement and quality enhancement of the region.

At the program, the headmaster, the chairperson of the school management committee and the chairpersons of the teachers and parents’ association also signed a 21-point commitment letter to build a quality school.


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